My 2001 X-Type 2.5 AWD SE


I wanted a more modern Jag and this came up at the right price.

With only 134,000 K's on the clock, a full service history, and in fantastic condition, this was a car I just had to have.




The X-type represents a major milestone in Jaguar history, it was the first AWD Jaguar and then The first FWD Jaguar, and marked the point when Jaguar changed from a quirky niche large luxury car maker with a limited model range, to a full luxury car manufacturer with a range of cars to suit everyone.

Yes the X-Type was based on the Ford Mondeo platform, but that is only about 20% of the car. It was built by Jaguar, in a Jaguar factory, with a Jaguar modified version of the very well used Ford Duratec V6. However The Mondeo platform used was actually very good choice, and the Ford/Jaguar V6 petrol engine is a very solid unit that can give great service with proper maintenance. We don't see the diesels much in Australia as diesel cars have always seemed to struggle to catch on here, but the petrol models seem to be well loved by most Australian owners. The AWD car is especially well suited to Australia's crappy roads (especially in the country). And on the many country gravel roads you just can't beat it.
It is also a very safe car with plenty of airbags and a pretty decent safety rating.





(C) Jon Rothwell 2018