Every now and then you get a car that seems possessed by demonic forces, it sits there in the driveway and laughs at every effort you make to get it right.

This is one of those cars. Sometimes it starts just fine, other times you turn the key and nothing happens. It will always start by manually triggering the start relay though.
I've tracked the problem to no "ready to start" signal from the ECU due to a loss of communication. This is probably due to a loss of the 5volt supply for some reason.
Of course now I've decided what the problem is and want to run further tests the car is starting perfectly. No problem = no way to test for it!
I've fixed several other issues including; replacing the starter motor, adding a catch can, fixing the factory PCV issue, bleeding the brakes, replacing the boot struts, and resetting a heap of error codes in the various systems.
I've also gone out and bought a professional code reader setup in order to get right into the systems.


Well, it's actually a really nice car in good overall condition and I got it very cheap as the last owner had had enough and was going to send it to the scrappers.
To me it's worth the effort and is giving me the chance to delve deeply into modern vehicle electronics and add to my skill base.


190KW Alloytec V6
5 speed auto with paddle shift
Stability and traction control
Auto headlights
Power everything and pretty much everything you would expect from a fairly modern luxury car.

UPDATE 31/1/2020.

I've now changed the ECU, BCM, PCM, and key head as a matching set. They were out of a different model so I had to spent some time adjusting and programming but thanks to my new tool it was pretty painless.
At last now I have a reliable car that is almost ready to be licensed.
I'm not sure at the moment if I am going to keep it and use it, but it has been a great learning exercise and the new scan tool can also be used on our X-Type Jags as I spent extra for the Jaguar software.



(C) Jon Rothwell 2020