Building a Flight simulator.

Another project for when I'm not able to work on cars is this flight simulator set-up.

So far I have set up three screens using a Dell Inspiron Zino 410 PC, with 2 extra USB 2.0 screen outputs, 2x 21.5" LED/LCD and 1x 23"LED/LCD screens, a suite of Saitek peripherals (including combat throttle with LED readout screen, combat joystick, combat rudder pedals, 6 LCD programmable readouts, autopilot panel and switch panel), switched 13 port USB hub, UPS,  and Weather Station.
I am building a better PC with an AMD unlocked FX6 core processor, 8 GB 1333mhz memory, extra SATA hard drives, 2x USB 3.0 ultra fast plug in graphics cards and a much better on board (with 1 GIG memory) graphics card for when I have build a fully enclosed moving cradle to house the whole lot. My motherboard can support 2 full graphics cards with up to 3 screens each, plus up to 6 USB graphics cards. This is probably overkill but as I have several smaller LCD screens it is possible for me  to set up throttle and radio panels as well as a touch screen peripheral input monitor.
This will give me a fully immersed flight experience.
Right now I'm testing and experimenting as I go, but even running on the little Dell the experience is brilliant.

UPDATE: 24/10/13

I'd always wanted to build all my flight sim gear into an old aircraft, and now I can thanks to a crashed Jabiru which I was lucky enough to acquire.

Pictures of the build to follow as I get into it.

UPDATE: 16/01/14

The build is progressing well, I have fitted all the monitors, Saitek gear, fans, keyboard on the roof, mouse pad, speakers with subwoofer, power supplies, headphones, an Xbox 360, and digital TV.

3 Dell LCD/LED screens 21.5" & 23" Saitek Throttle Saitek Joystick and Dell Zino PC UPS and weather station Hardware close up
Saitek instruments and panels New Pc under construction Sata dock, card reader, and DVD Temperature and fan speeds Twin port graphics card
From the crash site. From the crash site. On the way home.    
      Seat in, old interior stripped. Motherboard in place.
Saitek instruments. Saitek pedals. Wiring up. Monitors in. PC in place with fans.
PC close up. Shroud in place. Test flight. Test flight. Test flight.
Test flight. Hinged nose, external USB hub, external fan speed and temperature display. Variable LED displays on roof, external antennas for aircraft transponders, wireless LAN and digital TV. Interior now painted and lit with hidden blue LEDs, all windows now blacked out. Hinged keyboard on roof, pilots headrest.
12 Volt and USB power outlets, headphones with microphone, and Xbox controller.        

This was a fun project but took up too much room in my shed, it's now dismantled and the plane has been given to someone who is fixing it up for his grandkids to play in.

(C) Jon Rothwell 2017