Mini Computers


These are fun little machines.
The Raspberry Pi is a Linux based fully featured machine that can function as a normal PC, fully functioned entertainment centre, or with its controllable outputs/inputs can be used to control an infinite number of projects. See for more details.

The Measy is a full functional Android PC which outputs via HDMI and in full HD, it has plenty of on board memory plus can take a 32GB mini sd card and play back movies in full HD.

If you just need basic functions like internet, email, and word processing, then either machine could replace a desktop PC.

Cost of both machines together was less than AUD$100.00, so they are great value too.

Now I'm playing with Arduino devices which are great little machines for a range of uses.


My test bed and workbench for RaspberryPi projects The RaspberryPi Measy android machine
3 Different Arduino Machines and added boards. Lots of add on sensors etc.  

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