Building the Aston Martin week by week.

This is a massive model of the James Bond Goldfinger Aston Martin. Available by subscription or at the newsagents it's a week by week partworks 1:8 scale kit that due to its size leaves lots of room for additional detail and modifications.

More information on this and other models, as well as a very useful forum can be found at:

Partwork Models

And the manufacturers website:

Currently I'm building two, one by subscription which is now complete and one from the newsagents which is about half done. I'm modifying as I go, so have a look at the pictures to see what can be done.


Dash top, leather covered. Dash front, metal foils added for detail. Drivers seat, leather covered, weapons tray modified and spring loaded, Front wheels, brake discs gold foiled, callipers silver foiled. Steering wheel, gold foil added to spokes, extension added to indicator switch to operate electrics. Radar console, leather covered, radio modified with blue backlight.
Console, leather covered, led added. Engine bay, metal foil detailing, full wiring harness, brake lines. Engine, Fuel lines, oil lines, throttle linkages, rocker cover gaskets, metal foil added. Engine, motor hidden inside alternator to turn fan, foil detail added. Floor assembled, rear seat base leathered, test fit all bits. Ejector seat base and mechanism, still need to carpet and detail floor.
Number one finished, just some minor work and mods to do. The car is all screw together construction so is easy to pull apart for more mods.
Complete dash. Dash, steering wheel, front, loose fit to give some idea of scale. Second engine under construction.      
Now finished number two!

I added a remote control box with USB connector for power to control cars functions.
The box also has a remote key fob for power on/off.
    Aston and remote. Remote box.    

(C) Jon Rothwell 2017