3D printing, another great hobby.

I've been 3D printing for a couple of years now, some of my designs won an award at the local show, but mostly I've been printing useful things for the car and home.

Recently I've been building R/C models using the 3D printer, the Tiger tank was downloaded from Electronoobs, the Tank transporter, and the Shado (from the TV series UFO), are both my scratch built designs.

The tank transporter is 8WD with a 2 speed transfer case, working winch, smoke unit, and lowering ramps, all controlled from a 6 channel remote.
The Shado is based on a modified Tiger tank chassis and drive system, with my 3D printed body and accessories. It has a removable top to access the systems plus the top can be replaced with different units. Currently it has a radar unit, drone storage and launch platform, and a video camera top, all remote controlled, with the video camera able to transmit live to a smart phone.




My desk. My first printer and dedicated PC. My Partworks printer. 1:16 scale 3D printed Tiger tank. Finished Tiger.

Hand built 1:16 scale 8WD tank transporter under construction. Alloy tube chassis, 3D printed suspension, metal diffs and transfer case. Carrying my 1:16 Tiger tank. Tank is customised, weighs about 6 kilos. Transporter is my design with 3D printed body panels. Almost finished transporter with 3D printed Tiger.
Rear of Shado from sci-fi series UFO. Front. Side of Shado with radar top. Shado spotlights. Shado top with drone launcher.


The Duck (DUKW), is a 6WD amphibious vehicle that I have made from scratch based on photos. The axles and drives are standard model units but in plastic. It has a closed cell foam filled construction making it unsinkable, and all joints have been plastic welded. This is it in bare PLA and soon I'll be painting it and adding electrics. The pictures don't really bring out all the details but once painted it will look a lot better.


Hidden camera top.


Half way up.


Ready to film.



(C) Jon Rothwell 2019